Detailed Step-By-Step Instructions

Installing an application can be a stressful activity:

- Where can you download the installer?
- What options do you select?
- If nothing works, what do you do?

Downlinko solves this by providing detailed instructions. We guide you through the different steps so that at the end everything works.


Supporting Images

Installation instructions that contain only text can sometimes be difficult to follow. On Downlinko each tutorial contains detailed images that:

- Highlight the action(s) you need to perform.
- Show the outcome of certain steps.
- Allow you to verify if you are still on track.


Guides That Are to the Point

At Downlinko we provide installation tutorials that are concise. They contain all the needed information to get you up and running:

- Where to download the installer.
- How to perform the setup.
- How to verify everything is working


Quick Support

If you are unsure about a specific step. Or if something is not working as described. Be sure to leave a comment.

We will look into the problem and then assist you in finding a solution as soon as possible. If needed we also adapt our tutorials so that other readers won’t have the same problem.