How to Download and Install Apache JMeter on Windows

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download install apache jmeter windows

Today you’re going to see how to download and install Apache JMeter on Windows.

In four easy steps.

Let’s get this show on the road.

What is Apache JMeter?

Apache JMeter is a load testing tool. It focuses on analyzing and measuring the performance of a variety of services.

JMeter was originally designed for testing Web applications. Today it has the ability to test many different protocols: HTTP, FTP, JDBC, LDAP, JMS, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, TCP, and others.

The JMeter project is part of the Apache Software Foundation. A decentralized open source community of developers.

Step #1: Check Prerequisites

Apache JMeter requires Java to work. So let’s check if you have Java configured on your system.

Click on the search button. Then type “cmd” (without quotes).

If you have Windows 7 click on the Windows button.

Click on the Command Prompt shortcut.

windows search cmd

Wait for the command prompt to open.

Type “java -version” and press ENTER.

java version command

The above command prints the installed Java version.

java installed version

For JMeter 3.2 and onward you need Java version 1.8 or higher.

If you do not have Java installed on your system. Check following post which details how to install JDK 8 on Windows 10.

Step #2: Download

Head over to the JMeter download page.

Scroll down and locate the Binaries section.

Click on the link.

At the time of writing the latest JMeter release was version: 5.0.

apache jmeter download page

Wait for the download to complete.

Step #3: Install

Open the location of the downloaded binary distribution.

apache jmeter downloaded binary

Select the ZIP archive file. Right-click and then click on the Extract All… menu item.

apache jmeter downloaded binary extract all

Select an extract destination for the JMeter files.

In this example, we extract in C:\Users\Downlinko\tools.

Click on Extract.

tools extract destination

This extracts all JMeter files under C:\Users\Downlinko\tools\apache-jmeter-5.0.

From now on we refer to this location as [JMETER_INSTALL_DIR].

apache jmeter install dir

Step #4: Run

You can run JMeter in 3 modes: GUI Mode, Server Mode, and Command Line Mode. Let’s show how to start the graphical user interface.

Note that you should only use the GUI mode for creating the test scripts. Use the NON-GUI mode for load testing.

Navigate to the [JMETER_INSTALL_DIR] installation directory.

Open the bin folder.

Double click on the jmeter Windows batch file.

apache jmeter windows batch file

If active, Windows Defender will prevent JMeter from starting. Click on the More info link.

windows defender smartscreen prevent unrecognized app

A new Run anyway button will appear. Click on it.

windows defender smartscreen run unrecognized app

After a short time, the JMeter GUI appears.

apache jmeter gui

Congratulations, you have installed Apache JMeter on Windows 10!

Take the next step and learn how to create a basic test plan.

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